Industry News | January 8, 2013

New Foodservice Report is 'Genius'

Food Genius Inc. launched Food Genius Reports, a cloud-based dashboard that delivers deep analyses for billions of restaurant menu ingredient and item combinations. Reports offers unparalleled access to data about restaurants by tracking more than 22 million menu items, 300,000 restaurant locations, and 100,000 unique menus.

“Food Genius Reports is a leap forward for food industry professionals, providing them with intuitive and deep access to restaurant trends to develop new products and craft marketing strategies for both CPG and foodservice products,” says founder and CEO Justin Massa. “We intend to transform menu research into something that happens daily or hourly, empowering food industry professionals to quickly sort signal from noise and track the menu concepts that matter to their bottom line.”

At its core, Food Genius Reports is a tool to explore and access contextual data about more than 7 billion food concepts as they appear on restaurant menus. From the high level concept of “protein and dairy” to the specific concept of “salami and provolone,” Reports offers quick access to data about menu occurrence, pricing, geographic distribution, and highlights specific matching menu items. Food Genius received a 2012 Chicago Innovation Awards “Up-and-Comer” award for its work on Reports.

“From understanding basic market facts to identifying the ‘brand identity’ of food items, Reports offers our customers actionable insights in a matter of seconds,” says Food Genius’ vice president of product Benjamin Stanley. “Understanding that in 13 percent of items containing pork, the pork is described as ‘smoked’ is interesting, but knowing that 79 percent of ‘smoked pork’ items specify the type of wood used is an actionable insight. Finding this insight takes just seconds inside of Reports.”

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