Nexstep Commercial Products announced its new Bi-Level Grout & Corner Brush. It features: split shape with dual positions, ideal for cleaning grout in tight areas like the grout line of a corner where a wall and floor meet with one stroke; ergonomic construction, with black polyester bristles staple set into a high-density polyethylene white ergonomic handle that provides superior durability, comfort, and long life; and a hanger hole, which provides easy storage when not in use.

Bi-Level Grout & Corner Brush is available in today’s most popular size: 8 ½ inches long with a ¾ inch bristle trim.

Nexstep Commercial Products also announced its new Quick Change Mopstick with “Green” Firm-Grip Metal Handle. It features: no-touch mop release, allowing the ability to quickly discard soiled mop without touching it; color coordination, which helps decrease the risk of cross-contamination in work areas; heavy-duty sanitary frame, which is extremely durable, lightweight, corrosion resistant, non-scratching, sanitizes easily, and accommodates all sizes of wet mops with either a 1-inch or 5-inch head band; firm-grip metal-ribbed handle, eliminating common cracking, warping, and splintering, and with ribbing that forgoes common handle slippage; and a swivel hang cap, which helps keep janitor closet clean and organized.

Quick Change Mopstick with “Green” Firm-Grip Metal Handle is 60 inches long and with a 1-inch diameter.

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