Who says fall and winter are too cold for ice cream? Not Carvel®Ice Cream! Now through February 28, 2008, participating U.S. and Puerto Rican locations are offering two new Hot Crunch Sundaes to warm the hearts and taste buds of customers during the colder months.

The Hot Berry Crunch Sundae contains Carvel’s vanilla ice cream, vanilla crunchies, and a warm mixture of berries, garnished with whipped cream and black raspberry drizzle, and served in a freshly baked waffle bowl. There’s also a Hot Apple Crunch Sundae, which includes warm apples topped with caramel sauce and coated with Makara Cinnamon, the signature spice used in the world famous cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon Inc.

To further tempt customers, participating locations will also serve seasonal favorite hand-dipped flavors such as Harvest Apple Crunch, Pumpkin Spice and Eggnog, along with the return of the much awaited Cinnabon Ice Cream, which features Carvel vanilla ice cream mixed with white pound cake chunks and Cinnabon’s signature Makara Cinnamon and cream cheese frosting.

“Blending our vanilla ice cream and crunchies with warm fruit and syrups in freshly baked waffle bowls makes for some uniquely delicious Hot Crunch Sundaes that are perfect for cooler weather,” said Gary Bales, president of Carvel.

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