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    New Jersey's First Sarku Storefront Opens

  • Industry News September 17, 2010
    On September 10, Sarku Japan took its sizzling teriyaki and made-to-order sushi from mall food courts to the streets of Paramas, New Jersey, with the opening of a new storefront Teriyaki and Sushi Express franchise. As New Jersey’s first Sarku storefront, located at 2701 Bergen Mall in the Bergen Town Center, the store touts the brand promise “Fresh Happens Here.” Sarku chefs prepare made-to-order sushi and signature teriyaki recipes on a Teppanyaki grill, fresh for guests to enjoy.

    Bergen Town Center franchisee Bei Waldman formerly operated a family business in frozen seafood sales with her husband. After attending a Sarku
Japan seminar, she was intrigued by the company’s approach and decided to make an investment in one of the new storefront concepts. “I am honored to be 
opening Sarku Japan’s first New Jersey store-front,” Waldman says. “Sarku’s fresh made-to-order sushi and teriyaki is on the cutting edge of today’s quick-service Japanese cuisine.”

    Franchising has grown more than 40 percent between 2001 and 2008, creating new job opportunities and new sources of income.

    In addition to the franchise opening in Bergen Town Center, new Sarku locations are underway in the New York and D.C. areas, as well as Orland Park and Schaumburg, Illinois.