Industry News | February 21, 2002

A New Look for Subway Restaurants

Subway Restaurants proudly introduces Tuscany Décor, an all-new design package that is the first complete interior and exterior revamp Subway has undertaken. The Tuscany Décor provides a warm and inviting fast-casual environment that enhances Subway's brand positioning of healthful, fresh, great-tasting sandwiches and salads.

"From the beginning, when we began developing new design ideas, we realized the importance of reinforcing our brand in everything we do, from advertising through restaurant appearance," says Ruth Woyciesjes, Subway's creative director, designer, and team leader for the project.

The inspiration for the exciting new look comes from the Tuscan heritage and family background of Subway co- founder and president Fred DeLuca. The warm colors and textures of the Tuscan countryside embody Old World charm and hospitality, which the new Tuscany Décor integrates into the design. The natural building materials of the region—brick, clay, stone—express the beauty and relaxed feel of the landscape.

Two and a half years ago, when the project originated, the concepts were developed by Design Forum of Dayton, Ohio, a firm that specializes in retail design and architecture. The top three models were put into consumer test for attribute ratings. A committee of Subway franchisees and development agents joined with corporate staff to define the project concepts. After repeated refinements, the Tuscany look emerged and prototypes were created and tested.

New softer tones can be seen in the wall coverings, where the historic Subway Cityscape mural becomes a Tuscany gold-color mural. The Tuscany mural is paired with a stucco wall covering of a complementary gold below the chair-rail molding. Behind the service area hangs a realistic brick wall covering that suggests old brick-oven bakeries. Veggie panels on the front of the sandwich unit portray the colorful fresh vegetable toppings. Lighting has been softened as well, with a more contemporary look in adjustable hanging pendant lamps. The porcelain stone floor tiles continue the Tuscan appearance with names such as Pietra Vecchia Beige, Etruscan Clay Brick Red, and Apollo Bronze Green. The dining area features tables with a stone-like surface in gold and green and chairs upholstered in red, green, and wheat suede-like fabric.

The new décor was unveiled at the 2001 franchisee convention and, according to the company, has been tested and previewed in many locations. Currently there are about 57 franchisee-owned Subway restaurants in the U.S., Canada and international markets with the complete Tuscany Decor. At this time, the new look is an optional décor recommended for all newly constructed restaurants.

Subway has close to 16,000 locations in 74 countries.


Very impressed with the Subway wallcovering design, would very much like to know where to obtain the brick effect vinyl wallcovering or was it a digitally produced wallcovering?Have a very interested customer wishing to incorporate this wallcovering or similar for their recording studio. Would very much appreciate a reply either way. Regards, Duncan Pemberton, First Choice Decor. Warrigton, Cheshire, England.

I would like to know where to purchase wall canvas like the one in subway shops, I eat there often and would like to purchase some for my kitchen.

We were owners of 12 Subways 15 years ago.We are looking at building a similar franchise in the BBQ world and wondered who makes the interiors for Subway. Please replyThanks

We have been the only suppliers of the permanent wall plants for all the Subway restaurants for the past 12 plus years however we supply interior plants and trees to other business and custom design any venues...including all restaurant themes and casinos. Private homes and office

Great! We love your wall plants in Subway restaurants! They really help enhance the Subway restaurants.

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