Beanstalk Data is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with XPIENT Solutions to launch Beanstalk Loyalty powered by XPIENT. This agreement seamlessly combines Beanstalk’s unique marketing automation with XPIENT’s IRIS and Rewards applications to offer an end-to-end solution to influence QSR customer behavior.

Beanstalk Loyalty powered by XPIENT sets a new standard for loyalty marketing in the quick-service (QSR) and fast-casual dining space. “Our loyalty marketing platform is unique in that it is the only solution whose DNA contains the Point of Sale (POS) transactional data,” says Gilbert Bailey, Beanstalk Data’s vice president of marketing & business development. “While we can count transactions and points, the real breakthrough in our platform is that we can leverage a client’s existing XPIENT IRIS POS investment and conduct advanced behavioral campaigns and reporting against a customer’s transactions, in real-time. Loyalty marketing is all about strengthening the brand through an intelligent conversation with a customer to ultimately influence their next visit.”

“We are very pleased to be working with Beanstalk Data,” says Christopher Sebes, president and chief executive officer of XPIENT Solutions. “Beanstalk Loyalty powered by XPIENT allows our customers to market in a way that was previously impossible in QSR or fast-casual dining. For the first time marketing can be personalized to an individual based on their frequency, items ordered, location, or daypart, with campaigns adjusting in real time based on a customer’s behavior. Marketers have long sought a way to mine POS transactions to build campaigns and determine return on investment. Beanstalk Loyalty powered by XPIENT is our answer- a sophisticated campaign and reporting engine analyzing IRIS transactions in real-time.”

Beanstalk Loyalty powered by XPIENT offers traditional point-based rewards, advanced real-time behavioral marketing, professional services, and reporting.

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