Jeff Kullman spent his career building new homes throughout Plano, Texas. Now the man who helped people realize the American dream of home ownership is investing in his old neighborhood to encourage another American classic: the perfect old fashioned burger, fries, and shake.

Kullman’s new MOOYAH will be located at 4801 West Parker Blvd., Suite 155 near the corner of Preston and West Parker Roads. Construction within the space is currently in progress, and doors should open to better burger fans around the end of January.
“After helping build more than 2,500 homes within convenient proximity of the new MOOYAH, creating something new again in Plano takes me right down memory lane. Our family has strong roots in this community, and we’re excited to bring the best burgers, fries, and shakes we’ve ever tasted to these neighborhoods. This is our family business, and we know it’s a great fit for this area because this is where we raised our two sons,” says Kullman.
Kullman spent his early career working in the foodservice industry for household names including Oscar Mayer and Land O’ Lakes. But constant travel was taking too big a bite out of family time, so he transitioned to building and selling homes in developing areas around Dallas. 
When Kullman began real estate work in Flower Mound, for example, the town only had 1,500 residents. When he opened the town’s first MOOYAH, Flower Mound had grown to more than 60,000 people. The town celebrated MOOYAH’s opening in spades during the restaurant’s first week of business in May 2010, helping Kullman set the record for opening week revenue. 
Business continued to bloom, which led Kullman to open a second restaurant in Southlake in April 2010. His wife, Kathy, and sons Jason and Josh were with him every step of the way. Both Jason and Josh graduated from Texas Tech with degrees in hospitality management and worked at major chains including Pappadeaux and Cheddar’s Casual Café. 
When their dad approached them in 2009 with the idea of operating a family business, Jason and Josh were eager to take on key operations roles.
MOOYAH’s simple menu and top notch ingredients made the restaurant an easy winner when the Kullmans chose a franchise to partner with.
MOOYAH’s menu includes made to order burgers, fries, and shakes. Burgers can literally be customized one million different ways, starting with a choice of 100 percent fresh (never frozen) American beef, Jennie-O turkey, or black bean veggie patty along with any of nine special sauces and unlimited vegetables. 
Buns are baked fresh in house twice a day and can be white, whole wheat, or an Iceburger, a burger wrapped in hand leafed lettuce. Cheese lovers can add a choice of American, Swiss, cheddar, blue, or pepper-jack. Fries are also an art at MOOYAH. They’re made in a six step process that requires 24 hours, constant attention, and a little magic to transform fresh, never frozen potatoes into the perfect side. Sweet potato fries are a new addition made with six kinds of spices to deliver a unique sweet and savory flavor.
Shakes are handmade to order with 100 percent ice cream resulting in a thick, rich, frosty treat to enjoy with any burger and fries. The choice of 9 flavors includes classics such as vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, or modern twists of caramel, mocha, and mint chocolate chip.
 “My wife and I raised our boys here in Plano, and now they’re part of our family business and raising kids of their own. Jason and his wife Kendra have two daughters, Scout and Skyy, and Josh and his wife Ashley have a daughter, Clementine. MOOYAH provided a great way for us to grow our business as we watch our family continue to grow. It’s such a pleasure to sit down at MOOYAH with my wife, two sons, and daughters-in-law, and three wonderful granddaughters and enjoy a great, quality meal together,” says Kullman.
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