XFormity Technologies announced the release of a new solution that helps restaurant operators identify and manage issues surrounding cash management. The company developed a means for analyzing thousands of transactions quickly and identifying transactions that are outside acceptable ranges.

Building on the wealth of experience and success in providing time-savings solutions to restaurant operators across the U.S., Canada, and Latin America, XFormity is working with customers to continually improve and enhance its solutions in concert with changes in the economic and operating environment. Thus far, XFormity has deployed its Cash Management solution to nearly 900 restaurants across four brands.

“XFormity is excited about the power of this tool and all that it offers our customers,” says Chris Ball, CEO of XFormity. “All too often we hear of the time and effort required to wade through mountains of data to identify and document clear, specific evidence of problems; XFormity’s goal has always been to eliminate this tedious and exhausting work for our customers. Now, with our Cash Management solution, our customers have a path to quickly and accurately pinpoint issues. Identification of problems is only half of the solution, our tool also provides the ability to track and gauge the success of issue resolution.”

“Processing the volume of transactional information that is generated daily across thousands of restaurants is no small feat,” says Drew Seale, XFormity’s chief technology officer. “Business requirements and technology are often at odds to deliver a solution that is both intuitive to use and responsive. We designed the Cash Management solution to add tremendous processing power and issue recognition technology behind the scenes while delivering a highly usable and responsive solution.”