Nashville-based foh&boh is bringing crucial hiring assistance to the hospitality industry with an innovative, user-friendly online platform that is successfully placing thousands of employees nationwide within restaurants currently struggling with unprecedented labor shortages.

Launched in early 2020, foh&boh has quickly accelerated to serve restaurants in over 50 markets with a sophisticated recruiting tool to assist both hiring businesses and applicants searching for employment.

Exclusive to the hospitality industry, the online platform offers a space for businesses to list job openings and be matched with potential candidates. User-friendly technology instantly posts submitted job openings to more than 60 job boards, giving users access to thousands of candidates from dozens of job sites. The software then sorts and matches candidates based on listed criteria such as experience, location, available hours and commute time. Once a match is made with a job candidate, employers are able to chat in real time through instant messaging that is sent directly to the candidate’s phone.

“Foh&boh provides restaurants and applicants alike with a simple and effective way to find the right match for every position,” says CEO Halle Hayes. “As restaurants have emerged from the pandemic, job shortages have hindered restaurant openings across the country. Foh&boh is a turnkey solution – making the search and application process as seamless as possible by delivering qualified job seekers while eliminating the need to post on several platforms and manually search through candidates on several different sites.”

Additionally, both hiring businesses and applicants can turn profiles off and on when needed without the hinderance of a contract.

With restaurants and other hospitality businesses reopening, the need to find qualified candidates to fully staff businesses is critical, and the industry is taking notice of the new technology. The platform is serving hundreds of businesses that span from major brands like Nordstrom, Hilton, Omni Hotels & Resorts, The Palm, KFC and J Alexanders to niche chains across the country.

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