A.J. Antunes & Co. announced the latest addition to the ROUNDUP brand and the newest development in roller grill technology: Roll-Rite.

Roller grills are an important part in the success of convenience stores. Each year, the convenience store foodservice market earns more than $10 billion in sales, and roller grill products are responsible for as much as 20 percent of those sales. Those sales continue to grow because of the creation of new roller grill items.

“Roller grills are no longer just for hot dogs and sausages,” says Pete Hope, regional sales manager for A.J. Antunes & Co. “There’s a whole new wave of different products for convenience stores to market to customers—egg rolls, burritos, stuffed breadsticks, taquitos, and many more.”

With the creation of these new roller grill food products, it’s not enough for convenience stores to simply have a roller grill. They need a roller grill that can efficiently handle a variety of products. Typical roller grills, which have cylindrical rollers, only work well with hot dogs and sausages. The new wave of roller grill food products, which have uneven and bumpy surfaces, inevitably get stuck between the rollers. This leads to unappealing, poorly cooked food product that leaves customers disappointed.

“The Roll-Rite is unlike any other roller grill,” Hope says. “Its unrivaled, patent-pending rollers are specifically designed to continuously turn and evenly cook all kinds of food product.”

The rollers have this ability because of their design and texture. Their oblong shape prevents food product from resting in the space between rollers while their textured surface grips food product and keeps it moving. This ensures that everything from hot dogs to egg rolls to taquitos are properly cooked and ready to be enjoyed by the customer.

The Roll-Rite unit is available in three capacities: 30, 50, and 75. All units operate on 120 volts.

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