To support clients’ new product innovation initiatives and meet evolving customer needs, Marriner Marketing Communications conducted proprietary research with more than 300 foodservice professionals. The goal was to gain greater understanding in the development of best practices for marketing new products in the food and hospitality industries. This new research provides an in-depth view of what foodservice chefs and operators are looking for and what drives their final decisions when purchasing.

Leveraging insights from over 300 commercial and noncommercial operators, distributors, and brokers, Marriner’s report outlines the following: purchasing behavior (attitude, reasoning, processes, etc.); resources (food/beverage and equipment); menu innovation, development and improvement; new product success and failure (reasoning and evaluation); and marketing success (sales team influences, distributor integration, manufacturer input).

Marriner conducts proprietary research every year as a way to obtain relevant information and ensure recommendations remain on target. Marriner made its research findings available to clients as well as offered customized recommendations and insights.

“Understanding the dynamics that drive the industry leads to greater clarity in creating successful programs for our Clients,” says Tighe Merkert, president of Marriner Marketing Communications. “Investing in deeper research initiatives furthers our commitment to making insightful decisions that are strategic and measurable.”

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