Quiznos launched its new Toasty Bullet sub priced at $3 each.

“We recognize that our customers want delicious flavor and high-quality ingredients, but we also know that in this economy, they need a tasty price,” says Trey Hall, chief marketing officer for Quiznos. “Now they can come into Quiznos for lunch and choose from a wide selection of delicious, toasty, and satisfying sandwiches at almost any price point, beginning with $2 Sammies.”

Like its Toasty Torpedo sibling, the Toasty Bullet sub is inspired by Italian and French baguette sandwiches served in Europe. Served on ciabatta bread and wrapped in a paper sleeve for easier eating, the Toasty Bullet sandwich is compact and portable.

“Customers can enjoy Quiznos’ signature toasty flavors at a price that rivals virtually all fast food, with a complete lunch—a Toasty Bullet sandwich, chips, and a drink—for under $5,” Hall says. “At this value, they’ll want to come back every day to try a different flavor Toasty Bullet.”

Layered with meats, cheeses, vegetables, sauces, and seasonings, the Toasty Bullet sandwiches are eight inches and come in five varieties: Italian; Big Kahuna Tuna; Pesto Turkey; Turkey Club; and Beef, Bacon, and Cheddar.

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