Subway Restaurants opened its first California new-concept eatery, called Subway Café, in the historic Gaslamp quarter of San Diego on September 9.

Raghu and Rohit Marwaha, owners of the new Subway Café in San Diego, say the downtown store, located at 1111 6th Ave in San Diego, has far exceeded sales projections since its opening last month. Raghu and Rohit Marwaha are also opening a second Subway Café at 440 W. Washington Street in Mission Hills on November 16.

The two new San Diego Subway Cafés feature an upscale coffeehouse ambience, an expanded menu, and Seattle’s Best coffee offerings including espresso drinks, lattes, and frozen blended beverages. They also feature amenities such as WiFi and DIRECTV to allow customers to enjoy local news and sports events with their sandwiches. “Customers can grab a low-fat sub and a coffee drink anytime,” Raghu Marwaha says. “It is not uncommon to have a rush of customers at 2 a.m. on the weekends.”

“In just a few weeks, we’ve become a magnet for customers in the Gaslamp Quarter who want a comfortable place to relax and surf the Internet,” Rohit Marwaha says. “We are also hearing rave reviews from customers about our healthy breakfast options that are made to order. We have every expectation that our Mission Hills location will be a huge success as well.”

The Subway Café concept, which is still in a test stage, was launched by a Subway franchisee in an office building in Alexandria, Virginia, and has expanded to about 20 locations, says Les Winograd, a spokesman for Subway Restaurants.

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