PizzaTXT is a simple, online, text messaging system that is used by pizza restaurants to enhance loyalty, increase customer base, and improve the bottom line. Pizza restaurants of any size can take advantage of text messaging by sending offers and coupons instantly to customers.

PizzaTXT offers a completely affordable way for restaurant owners and operators to add a dynamic text messaging element to their existing marketing efforts, via the website. The restaurants choose a unique code that customers can text in to receive the latest offers. This code can be incorporated into all marketing materials from newspaper and directory advertisements to box-top promotions and fridge magnets.

Coupons and offers are supplied automatically by PizzaTXT on-demand. Offers are easily controlled by the restaurant manager who can choose the type of offer and the expiration date. Customers who receive the coupon to their phone must quote or show the deal code when ordering.

“In the current economic climate, pizzerias, like every business, are looking to get the best value from their marketing dollars spent,” says John Serpa, CEO of PizzaTXT. “With no minimum monthly fees, PizzaTXT offers a low-risk/high-reward service using the increasingly popular medium of text messaging to reach new and existing clients.”

With more than 75 billion text messages sent each month in the U.S., text is one of the fastest growing forms of communication (Neilsen 2008).

Restaurateurs can promote their text code to clients wherever their current marketing collateral appears. Fliers, menus, and box toppers can carry everything the customer needs to request great offers from their favorite restaurant, directly to their cell phone. PizzaTXT fees, as low as $0.07, are only applied when a coupon is requested, meaning you only pay when PizzaTXT connects your business to prospective customers.

“The days of sifting through a pile of junk mail or digging through the local papers looking for a special offer are over,” Serpa says. “Once the number is stored in your phone, you can have the latest coupons delivered the instant you feel hungry.”

PizzaTXT enables its clients to track their offer codes and monitor the relative success of each campaign. PizzaTXT provides an excellent marketing tool for your pizza restaurants looking to maintain and grow their customer base. For more information please visit us at