The entrepreneur behind the Fish ‘n Flush—a toilet tank that is also a fish aquarium—announced the launch of a new toilet product: the Wow Toilet.

The Wow Toilet includes a low-flow toilet tank with a surrounding plastic slip covering that can hold a poster or upholstery of any design.

“The problem I had with the fish tank is people loved it but they didn’t want to maintain the fish aquarium side of it,” says Richard Quintana, founder and president of Wow Toilet LLC. “So I said, okay, let’s do something different.”

“We came up with the idea that the lid is connected with another transparent shield that you can just lift off the tank and turn it on its side and insert upholstery.”

Quintana says that the company has stock posters on hand for the Wow Toilet, but that it can personalize posters for customers as well. The company’s Web site provides a function where customers can upload photos.

“Now you can design the toilet to look like what you want for your bathroom, instead of your bathroom having to work around your toilet,” Quintana says. “Every time you change [the poster] out it changes the mood of the bathroom to what you’re putting in there.”

The ability to post images on a toilet is a good marketing tactic for restaurants and other businesses, Quintana says. He suggests businesses can promote their own products on the Wow Toilet, or even lease the space out to other brands.

“The restroom is now really popular for people wanting to do advertisements. Big companies are going there, and [the Wow Toilet is] about as direct as you can get for making sure people get to see whatever you’re promoting,” he says. “It’s not going to be missed.”

“You can do it with style, you can do it with class, and you can definitely get the message across to whatever you want to be promoting for you own business.”

By Sam Oches

Design, News