Veggie Grill announced the launch of the new mindful living menu. Each of the nine dishes is high in protein, nutrient dense, energy packed, flavor-full and is under 600 calories.

“Americans are looking to put more veggies on their plate without compromising taste and satiation,” says Greg Dollarhyde, CEO of Veggie Grill. “Veggie Grill’s mindful living menu offers delicious and hearty options that celebrate the vegetable while delivering protein and sound nutrition.”

The holiday season is often stressful and a time when many focus on their friends and families and less on themselves. The mindful living menu allows guests to quickly and easily take care of themselves while enjoying a variety of dishes packed with flavorful vegetables, grains, and nuts. The mindful living menu is available at all Veggie Grill locations and features nine high-protein, low-calorie dishes:

·      mindful mash-up:Field Roast sausage, supergrains, kale and white bean braise, fire-roasted carrots, and roasted red pepper sauce. (568 calories, 35g protein)

·      tres chickin’ tacos + black beans: Sautéed chickin’, Mexican spices, cabbage, roasted corn salsa, white corn tortilla, and a side of seasoned black beans. (550 calories, 29g protein)

·      banh mi salad: Organic tofu pressed and glazed, chargrilled eggplant, house-pickled carrots, white cabbage, fresh jalapenos, basil and cilantro, and marinated kale. (490 calories, 14g protein)

·      chargrilled veggie + penne: Atrio of charred eggplant, red bell peppers and escarole, roasted sweet potatoes, quinoa and marinated kale bed, citrus vinaigrette, pepitas, and penne pasta. Served cold. (518 calories, 10g protein)

·      b.t.l.a.: Tempeh bacon, sliced tomatoes, avocado, cilantro pesto, tossed arugula, aioli mayo, grilled sourdough, and choice of side. (469 calories without sides, 13g protein)

·      latin living bowl:Fire-roasted carrots, seasoned black beans, avocado chunks, tomato corn salsa, jalapenos, red pepper sauce, and supergrains. (484 calories, 15g protein)

·      1/2 savory kale caesar with kale + white bean braise:Marinated kale, romaine hearts, chopped tempeh bacon, chunky avocado, cucumber, croutons, and veggie Parmesan paired with a bowl of white beans, fresh kale, onions, tomato, and veggie broth. (561 calories, 16g protein)

·      buffalo mini wrap + fresh little salad:Buffalo chickin’ tenders, lettuce, and creamy ranch in a flour tortilla paired with fire-roasted carrots, cucumbers, shaved red beets, pepitas on romaine, and arugula. (442 calories, 16g protein)

·      bombay bowl:Herb-roasted veggies, supergrains, steamed kale, cannellini beans, cilantro/green curry sauce with coconut milk, almonds, and hemp seeds. (586 calories, 17g protein)

These new menu items are all under $10 and will join Veggie Grill’s signature favorites such as the Quinoa Power Salad, Crispy Cauliflower, All Hail Kale Salad, and the Sante Fe Crispy Chickin’ Sandwich. 

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