Food and beverage professionals can now explore everything from industry news, trends, and surveys to job openings and interviews with executives from major brands on the new website,

The website is positioned to be the industry’s go-to site, promising users a wealth of tools, resources, and insight from leaders in the field. Protis, an affiliate of MRINetwork and a global executive recruitment firm in the food and beverage sector, is a major sponsor of the new website. 

“The website is not only informative and essential to anyone in the industry, but it’s also fun to use with many interactive features,” says David Betner of Branta Productions, originator of the site. “Our goal is to become the primary destination for jobs, trends, blogs, and original content for those within the food and beverage industry.”

Betner also says the website will help people in the food and beverage industry to navigate the rapidly evolving digital economy.

“More and more companies in our industry are using social media and digital marketing channels for brand promotion, customer insight, and recruiting purposes,” he says. “They can come to us for ideas and feedback, as well as access to active job seekers and passive potential candidates the site is already attracting and engaging.” 

The food and beverage industry is experiencing steady growth and increased hiring this year, trends that Betner expects to continue.

“We’ll see companies investing more in new products and technology to fuel sector growth,” he says. “That’s why it’s particularly important to stay abreast of ongoing developments and be positioned to address market challenges and opportunities. With recruitment on the rise in this sector, companies will have improved ability through this website to engage and retain passive candidates who are typically the more desired, already-employed ‘A’ players.”  

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