Industry News | January 7, 2014

New Year, New Expansion for Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.

Brooklyn Water Bagel Co., a bakery and cafe concept that aims to "Brooklynized" water, is ringing in the new year with an official announcement of plans for expansion in 2014.


Brooklyn Water Bagel will kick off the expansion plans with the opening of its newest location in Charlotte, North Carolina. Scheduled to open by the end of January, the restaurant will be located at 15105 John J Delaney Drive. Additional franchise locations are slated to open this year in Boca Raton and Lake Mary, Florida, as Brooklyn Water Bagel strengthens its presence in South Florida.


“During recent years, it has become increasingly apparent that bagels are no longer just an ethnic specialty. Our freshly baked bagels at Brooklyn Water Bagel are becoming a staple across college campuses and neighborhoods around the country, proving that they have a more universal appeal,” says Steve Fassberg, the CEO of Brooklyn Water Bagel. “We look forward to continuing our mission to ‘Brooklynize’ the nation this year as more customers experience the authenticity of our product and understand the importance of our key ingredient, the water.”


In addition to bagels, the made-to-order menu at Brooklyn Water Bagel includes other New York favorites like 3-egg breakfast sandwiches, over-stuffed bagelwiches, scooper melts, and muffins. Coffee lovers will enjoy the restaurant’s Iced Coffee Cubsta, featuring ice cubes made out of coffee, as well its coffee stations, equipped with the essential tools for customizing a cup of coffee.

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