After U.S. District Judge Robert Sweet dismissed the pending civil suit against the company, the following statement was released by McDonald’s Corporation:

“We trusted the court to use its common sense to dismiss this claim. That’s exactly what the judge has done. Common sense has prevailed.

“We said from the beginning that this was a frivolous lawsuit. Today’s ruling confirms that fact.

“McDonald’s will continue to offer a menu of quality and variety that gives customers a wide range of choices. McDonald’s has been providing nutrition information about our food for the past 30 years so that customers can make informed choices about what they decide to eat.

“McDonald’s food can fit into a healthy, well-balanced diet based upon the choice and variety available on our menu.

McDonald’s optimism might be a bit premature. Sweet dismissed the case in federal court on Wednesday because he felt the plaintiffs failed to prove that McDonald’s customers were unaware of that the chain’s food could potentially be unhealthy. Should the plaintiffs come up with such evidence, Sweet encouraged them to refile.

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