he hot days of June are here and Newk’s Eatery has tasty new dishes and returning fan-favorites to help guests bask in the summer sun. Available from now through the end of the summer, these limited-time menu items are full of fresh ingredients and bold flavors. Newk’s fans will be able to cool off while enjoying these new and returning seasonal selections: 

New! Summer Berry Salad: This mixed greens salad is topped with chicken and feta cheese, featuring cool blueberries and strawberries with a dash of pecans for a little extra crunch. Tossed in lemon basil vinaigrette dressing, this sweet salad goes for just $11.99. 

Salmon Caesar Salad: Salmon is a perfect dish to indulge in this summer. Place it on top of a romaine blend with parmesan and croutons, drizzled with Caesar dressing, and this is a summer salad that will dazzle any taste bud.

Turkey Avocado Sandwich: Everyone loves a turkey sandwich on a hot summer’s day. This classic comes loaded with turkey, Swiss, avocado, arugula, tomatoes and mayo. 

“With cool, crisp lettuce and juicy berries, the summer berry salad is sure to be a hit as the weather gets hotter,” said Chief Marketing Officer Denise Pedini. “We’re excited to introduce this to fans while also featuring other fan favorites like the salmon caesar salad and the turkey avocado sandwich. Grab the family and bring them to Newk’s where we have something for everybody.”

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