Stoelting Foodservice, a division of The Vollrath Company, LLC, and manufacturer of frozen dessert equipment, released the newly-designed U431-A version of the popular U431 Pressure Fed Soft Serve Ice Cream/Yogurt Freezer to include more storage capacity, safer and more flexible dispensing.

A refrigerated mix storage cabinet at the bottom of the unit contains three drawers, which hold up to six, five-gallon mix bags, reducing the need to frequently replenish mix. The drawers are illuminated with LED lights and lock securely into place within the cabinet.

Hoses are contained within the refrigerated base, keeping the product at a safe temperature until the moment it is dispensed. The manifold design allows for connection to all six bags. The user can draw from one, two or three bags without having to connect each one separately. This allows operators flexibility based upon demand. The coil hose design allows for easier hookup and organized storage. Optional stainless steel universal bag adaptors are available.

The front of unit features a basket for storing bag caps while bags are being changed or to store mix during cleaning.

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