Nexstep Commercial Products (Exclusive Licensee of O-Cedar) is proud to announce its new Metal Handle with Hexagon Threads. Features include:

  • Hexagon Threaded Tip: allows easy tightening of handle, ensures secure handle fit
  • Reinforced Steel Stud: provides superior strength and durability
  • Metal Handle: will not crack, warp, or splinter
  • Swivel Hang Cap: helps keep janitor closet clean and organized


The Metal Handle with Hexagon Threads is available in today’s most popular length of 60 inches and in black.

Nexstep Commercial Products is also proud to announce that its MaxiRough Mop Buckets & Wringers are now available in red and blue. Features include:

  • Ergonomic Sidepress Wringer Handle Design: mop wringing is now done from in front of/behind the bucket rather than from the side and reduces back strain; curved grip handle allows you to easily steer the bucket; for use with up to 32 oz. mops
  • Wringer Hook: holds mopstick securely in place when not in use
  • Upper Rim Slot: makes securing scraper and putty knife safe and easy
  • Larger Capacity Bucket: holds 35 quarts, makes cleaning large areas quick and easy


For more information on Nexstep Commercial Products’ (Exclusive Licensee of O-Cedar) innovative, high quality, ecofriendly solutions and how we “Make Your Life Easier,” please visit

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