Nextbite announced that Ordermark, its leading online ordering/delivery management platform, launched new advanced menu management tools, providing restaurants with a central hub to streamline management of all their menus (brick and mortar and virtual restaurant) across multiple online delivery service platforms (DSPs).

Custom-tailored to meet today’s restaurant needs, the Ordermark menu management tools eliminate the need for restaurants to login to multiple online delivery platforms to update their menus, as it automates menu updates across all of the restaurant’s online delivery platforms, ensuring accuracy and improving efficiency.  In addition, Ordermark automatically customizes restaurant menus according to the requirements of each DSP (to accommodate their distinct requirements for menu copy, photos and more).  With Ordermark’s sophisticated reporting capabilities, restaurant operators can now also see how specific menu items are selling across different DSPs.

“At the heart of every restaurant is their menu, but because it often needs to be updated and consistent on every online delivery platform, it can create a major pain point,” says Luke Andrews, Vice President of Product, Nextbite.  “We’re focused on solving these universal pain points that restaurants of all sizes experience managing multiple brands across multiple online ordering services.”

Ordermark’s new menu management capabilities allow full menu control over updates across all platforms, enabling restaurants to:

  • Easily create or import menus
  • Edit menus, from pricing to images
  • Activate or deactivate whole menus or menu items
  • Specify dayparts
  • Manage menu images
  • Synchronize menus with multiple DSP’s
  • Synchronize menus with your point of sale software


Ordermark, featuring the new menu management tools, is available from Nextbite.

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