Ripple, an interactive network of screens located in community gathering places that informs, entertains, and connects people to their world, today announced the results of the company’s first audience study with Nielsen Media Research. The results confirm Ripple’s value as an effective platform for advertisers to connect with on-the-go consumers, an audience that has become increasingly difficult to reach using traditional media channels. By commissioning Nielsen Media Research to conduct this study, Ripple hoped to demonstrate a commitment to provide its partners and advertisers with credible third-party research in the areas of consumer satisfaction, viewership metrics, and advertising awareness.

Results show strong overall consumer satisfaction and a high level of viewer engagement with the Ripple TV Network. Specifically, 68 percent of consumers viewed Ripple TV, while 79 percent of viewers believed Ripple TV to be a good offering for the store environment. More than 70 percent of viewers said they found the content informative and plan to watch Ripple TV again on their next visit.

The study further demonstrated that Ripple TV has ample dwell time in its locations (averaging 11 minutes) and high frequency of visits (averaging 11 times per month). This combination was a key factor in Ripple’s ability to generate an advertising awareness level of 54 percent.

In terms of its target demographic, Ripple brings together several key advantages in order to reach a highly desirable consumer. The converging factors range from providing context for ads within a highly relevant programming format, to strategically placing screens in locations of retail clusters where consumers are in a position to take action. Ultimately, this strategy contributed to 33 percent of viewers saying their interest in a product increased after viewing an ad on the Ripple Network. This will prove particularly important to advertisers given that the data also showed the average household income of the Ripple TV viewer to be over $90,000.

“We are excited to kick off our ongoing measurement studies with Nielsen Media Research and are very encouraged by the strong results in this first wave,” said John McMenamin, executive vice president of sales at Ripple. “Ripple is committed to engaging with consumers by offering relevant content based on their location, demographics, time of day and viewing preferences. We look forward to building on these findings in the future.”