No Recycling Necessary at Snappy Salads

    Industry News | March 3, 2009
    Continuing the commitment to be as environmentally friendly as possible, Snappy Salads now offers Primo Water, mineral-enriched water in biodegradable bottles made from American-grown corn.

    Primo Water bottles are as durable as other water bottles, but because they are manufactured from an annually renewable and sustainable resource, they don’t have the negative impact on the environment like oil-based plastic bottles. In fact, if all traditional plastic beverage bottles sold today in the U.S. were instead made like Primo’s, Americans would save the equivalent of a billion gallons of gas each year.

    Traditional plastic water bottles are created from PET (polyethylene terephthalate), a petroleum-based plastic derived from limited and depleting reserves of crude oil--typically from foreign sources--and natural gas. These fossil fuels take millions of years to regenerate and an estimated 1,000 years to decompose in the form of plastic.

    Primo is unique and more environmentally friendly because it is made from Ingeotm natural plastic, the world’s first and only performance plastic made from 100 percent annually renewable resources. This plastic also is commonly known by its generic name, PLA (polylactide).

    “When I look at my own use of plastic bottles, I realize how inconvenient it sometimes is to recycle,” says Chris Dahlander, founder of the two-unit Snappy Salads chain. “I want to take that burden off my guests and put it squarely on my shoulders to offer a product that meets my environmental concerns. Snappy Salads uses biodegradable materials whenever possible.”

    When Dahlander inquired, Primo Water wasn’t available at his distributor. “As they have shown in the past, Ben E. Keith has stepped up to my challenge and brought in Primo to supply my restaurant with not only the best quality products, but environmentally friendly products like the corn-based takeout packaging we use,” says Dahlander.

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