Some of America’s best barbecue is defined by region—the white sauces of northern Alabama, mesquite-tinged in Texas, vinegar-based in North Carolina.

Not Wendy’s BBQ Pulled Pork.

“We went to great lengths to make sure our customers could enjoy great barbecue at their local Wendy’s,” says Kurt Kane, Wendy’s chief concept officer. “Everything in this product was inspired by a desire to create a new barbecue tradition for America by learning from the very best pit masters across the country.  You can see it and taste it, from the quality of the meat to the way we apply one of the three amazing sauces. This barbecue is the real deal and will not disappoint.” 

Wendy’s BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich starts with tender, premium pork shoulder, slow-smoked for hours with hickory wood. The shredded meat is served with cool, crunchy slaw and a choice of barbecue sauce on a toasted brioche bun.

Wendy’s learned from local barbecue experts that the best way to apply barbecue sauce is to drizzle it on top of the meat right before it’s served. Taking it a step further to fit barbecue fans’ tastes, Wendy’s provides three custom-crafted sauces—sweet, smoky, and spicy—for customers to choose from when they order.

Perfect for a savory side or snack, Wendy’s BBQ Pulled Pork Cheese Fries feature natural-cut fries, with a topping of rich Cheddar cheese sauce, hickory-smoked pulled pork, and diced red onions, then topped with a choice of three sauces.

Both available for a limited time only, the BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich has a suggested retail price of $4.49,and the BBQ Pulled Pork Cheese Fries has a suggested price of $2.99.

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