Noodles & Company, Ranked #1 Healthiest Fast-Food Restaurant by Health Magazine, Educates Guests on How to Eat Healthy Without Compromising Flavor

To spread the word and ease the plight of vegetable-resistant, balance-challenged people of all ages, the Noodles & Company has launched its new “You Are What You Eat” campaign. The program demonstrates how eating healthy without compromising flavor is easier than you think.

“Four years ago we began posting our nutritional information at because helping our guests make informed choices is one of our greatest priorities,” says Ross Kamens, executive chef at Noodles & Company. Since then, Noodles & Company has remained committed to nutritional transparency as well as serving fresh veggies.

Noodles & Company’s “You Are What You Eat” campaign furthers this mission by providing guests with recommendations on what to order if you are watching calories, fat, sodium, or carbs. The campaign is being supported by in-restaurant materials and online information including facts such as:

— Noodles & Company serves 19 fresh veggies on its menu

— Noodles & Company will customize your dish just the way you like it by
adding a protein or adding, subtracting, or substituting veggies, cheeses, or

— Noodles & Company has 17 dishes with 400 calories or less

— Noodles & Company has 11 choices with 10g of fat or less

— There are 0g of artificial trans fat at Noodles & Company

— You can substitute Noodles & Company’s regular whole grain linguine
and add 20g of fiber to any dish

— Sixteen of Noodles & Company dishes are vegetarian friendly
In recognition of Noodles & Company’s commitment to health and nutrition, Health magazine, one of the country’s foremost publications on improving health, recently honored Noodles & Company with the number-one spot on its new list, “America’s Healthiest Fast-Food Restaurants.”