Noodles & Company, the national fast-casual brand known for serving globally-inspired dishes made fresh to order, announced today the launch of Panko Chicken made by Impossible Foods, a new plant-based protein option now available in select markets. Noodles is featuring the new plant-based chicken option in its Orange Chicken Lo Mein dish now also called, Impossible Orange Chicken Lo Mein, and is making the protein option available as an addition or substitution in any dish.  

After introducing LEANguini in select markets and receiving positive results, as well as recently adding two new salads to its menu, Noodles is introducing Impossible Panko Chicken to provide guests with an alternative, meat-free source of protein that has added environmental benefits as opposed to animal meat.  

Delicious Benefits of Plant-Based Chicken 
Impossible Panko Chicken tastes just like regular chicken but is made entirely from plants. This all-new plant-based chicken has an irresistibly crunchy and meaty texture, a crispy golden exterior and a juicy white interior. Impossible Panko Chicken contains 13g protein and 0mg of cholesterol and only 2g of saturated fat per serving. 

Impossible Panko Chicken is made without antibiotics and hormones and requires less land and water to produce than chicken, which reduces the strain on environmental resources. This new option makes it easy to stick to your values without sacrificing taste when opting for plant-based meat in your favorite Noodles dish. Impossible™ Panko Chicken also adds to Noodles’ already extensive plant-based options allowing guests to make choices with less impact on carbon emissions with every order. 

Something for Everyone 
“Our guests took so well to Zoodles, Caulifloodles and our upcoming LEANguini launch, that adding a delicious plant-based protein option to our menu was the clear next move to explore,” says Nick Graff, executive chef and vice president of culinary at Noodles & Company. “When selecting a partner to test our first-ever plant-based protein Impossible™ Foods was an easy choice. Like Noodles, Impossible™ believe that the future starts with your plate and we’re moving forward change one meal at a time.”

Noodles has something for every lifestyle and dietary preference including many plant-based options perfect for guests with a vegetarian, vegan or flexitarian diet. Guests can try the new protein in Noodles’ Impossible Orange Chicken Lo Mein featured dish, and with the restaurant’s customizable menu, guests can add Impossible Panko Chicken to any dish on the menu. Noodles also offers a nutrition calculator that is easy to navigate and available to help guests meet their nutrition-related goals, needs, and preferences.  

Extending Goodness Guarantee 
Noodles is proud to extend its Goodness Guarantee to the all-new Impossible Panko Chicken, which allows guests to step out of their comfort zones without the worry of trying something new. If they don’t love the dish they ordered, it can be exchanged for a different dish at no cost. All the goodness of Noodles’ Impossible Panko Chicken is guaranteed, as are all the dishes on Noodles’ menu. There has never been a better time to discover if you’re a plant-based meat lover, especially if the fear of trying something new has been holding you back. 

Impossible Panko Chicken will be available for purchase only at select restaurants in Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. 

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