Industry News | October 25, 2013

NotifEye Makes New Repeater Available to Consumers

Extend the operating range of your NotifEye Cloud-Based Monitoring System up to 50 percent with the new Repeater. Adding the Repeater to your NotifEye system bridges the gap between the Sensors and Gateway when the distance between them is too far apart. The NotifEye wireless sensors normally reach 250-500 feet, but now that range can be extended even further. Data coming from the sensor is sent to the repeater and forwarded on to the gateway at a steady rate of six times per minute. No batteries are required; just plug the repeater into any AC outlet to begin extending your network coverage area. The LED status light indicates whether the repeater it is searching for a signal, no signal is found, has connected to the gateway or if the sensor data has been interrupted. Each repeater can support up to 100 sensors and store up to 30,000 messages if the gateway is unavailable. Let NotifEye keep an eye out for you.

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