Industry News | April 16, 2013

Noventri Releases Version 2.8 of Digital Signage Software

Noventri, a U.S. digital signage company, has announced the release of Version 2.8 of Noventri Suite, Digital Signage Software. The new release provides an enhanced experience with more features and security, plus greater usability for large networks.

Some new features in Version 2.8:
* Preview interval management for large networks
* New, more robust and secure communications
* New, optimized ODBC Connections
* PowerPoint import enhancements
* Updated Designer Panel functionality
* Enhanced permissions panel
* Many “under the hood” upgrades
The "Preview Interval" feature expands usage in managing screen thumbnails on larger networks; allowing efficient uploading of thumbnails without using excessive bandwidth.
"New Communications" and "Optimized ODBC" features provide a higher level of security and reliability on larger networks.
Version 2.8 also addresses a number of bugs and enhances user experience.
Noventri Suite 2.8 can be installed on any windows-based computer and is the companion software to the Noventri Eco-Series digital signage player. Users can create content in Full HD resolution, add multiple region types, and overlap other regions with full transparencies using industry standard image formats such as .jpg, .png, and .bmp.
Also, Noventri Suite functions as a stand-alone simple digital signage player, although some features are only available when combined with the Noventri Eco-Series player.


This is very promising. Most digital signage softwares these days are competing with each other in terms of their designs and other functions. Software makers must really step up in making wonderful softwares for the digital signage industry because it is moving in a very fast pace. -

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