Industry News | February 8, 2012

Noventri Unleashes New Digital Signage Software

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Noventri has announced the recent release of Noventri Suite Digital Signage Software.


The software update, Version 2.2, brings to users major new features that will simplify the user experience when creating content for information displays.


 Noventri Suite can be installed on any windows-based computer and is the companion software to the Noventri Eco-Series SF-100e digital signage player.


Users can create content in full HD, add multiple region types, and overlap other regions with full transparencies while using industry standard image formats such as .jpg, .png, and .bmp.


Features of the new version of Noventri Suite include:

·         Faster content downloads

·         New resolutions and updates that work on a wider range of monitors

·         Power-saving ‘sleep’ mode for a wider range of monitors

·         Dynamic pages that allow for simplified project creation

·         Playback that starts while still updating – publishing is faster

·         Noventri Server runs as a service in the background

·         Run multiple servers on the same computer

·         Undo/Redo function

·         More powerful layer arrangement options

·         RS-232 Control


Noventri Suite functions as a stand-alone simple digital signage player; although some features, such as scheduling, transitions, and database features are functions that are performed when combined with the Eco-Series line of Noventri players.


Noventri Suite is a no-cost digital signage software; there are no licenses, no subscriptions, and no hidden costs of any kind.   


For a free copy of the software request visit and see a demonstration of the product at: All demo recipients will receive a free copy of Noventri Suite software.


For information contact Judy L. Hoffman at: [email protected] or call 301-790-0103.


Noventri, a Division of Specialized Communications Corp. (est. 1980), succeeds by simplifying digital signage and serves such names as Quiznos, ARAMARK, Marriott, and numerous stadiums, arenas, convention centers and hotels worldwide. URL: