Industry News | December 1, 2010

NRA Pleased by Food Safety Bill Passage—Mostly

The National Restaurant Association issued the following statement from Scott DeFife, executive vice president of policy and government affairs, regarding Senate passage of S. 510, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Safety Modernization Act: 

"The National Restaurant Association applauds Senate passage of S. 510. We believe the important enhancements to the food safety system (hazard analysis, food safety plans, and increased inspections) are all measures that ensure food entering the supply chain is safe. We encourage the House of Representatives to take quick action to pass the bill before the end of the year. 

"The restaurant industry understands the critical importance of a first class food safety system. Restaurants have high expectations and stringent controls to ensure the products they purchase are safe. The industry has sought improvements to our food safety system while not unnecessarily burdening small businesses. We believe this legislation represents a fair balance of these needs, and that its comprehensive reforms and emphasis on prevention will improve the safety of the food purchased by restaurant operators. 

"While we are pleased by the passage of S. 510, we regret that amendments offered by Senators Mike Johanns and Max Baucus were defeated. The amendments would have fully repealed new 1099 reporting requirements that include all business transactions, including both services and materials, with a vendor valued at more than $600. This creates a significant burden on small businesses at a time when many are attempting to survive under the current weak economy. We urge Congress to continue to work toward repealing these requirements, as it is clear that repeal has bipartisan support and it seems the only roadblock is that lawmakers cannot agree on how best to pay for it."

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