The National Restaurant Association issued a statement on the President’s health care reform proposal announced yesterday:

“The National Restaurant Association has consistently supported efforts to bring down the costs of health care and promote access in a way that allows restaurants to generate jobs and that protects small businesses,” says Dawn Sweeney, president and CEO of the NRA.

“The President’s proposal maintains protections for small businesses that are vital to the restaurant industry. The inclusion of a 90-day waiting period for employers to provide coverage for new hires and provisions to ease transition burdens on individuals and businesses are positive measures we have supported from the beginning.

“Greater progress is needed on the definition of a full-time employee, among other key aspects of the legislation.

“While we remain deeply concerned about health care reform legislation, we will continue to work with the Administration, the Senate, and the House of Representatives to try to develop a solution that allows the restaurant industry to provide its employees meaningful benefits and supports our ability to generate the economic growth and jobs our nation needs.”

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