The National Restaurant Association issued a statement from executive vice president of public affairs Beth Johnson following the Obama Administration’s recommendations to strengthen the nation’s food safety programs.

“The safety of the food supply continues to be the restaurant industry’s number one priority, and we applaud the Obama Administration’s leadership in this area,” Johnson said in the statement.

“The emphasis on prevention and the creation of a deputy foods commissioner position within the FDA brings renewed focus to reforming our nation’s food safety system,” she continued. “The key findings by the Administration’s Food Safety Working Group bring a fresh perspective to the policy discussions and are an important step forward in achieving much needed reform.

“The National Restaurant Association supports comprehensive reforms that will bring our members and millions of restaurant customers increased confidence in the safety of the food supply. We look forward to continuing our work, together with the Administration and members of Congress, in helping forge solutions and supporting bi-partisan legislation to strengthen the safety of America’s food supply.”