The National Restaurant Association (NRA) today revealed its new branding architecture and visual identity, which will be applied to all the organization’s programs, advocacy, services and products this year. The fresh, new visual identity will help build cohesiveness in the NRA’s brand structure, and is a step in its multi-year strategic plan to strengthen the connection and messaging to core constituents.

The new brand visual is designed to reflect the richness and diversity of the $632 billion restaurant industry and its nearly 13 million employees. 

“Creating this new visual identity has been a wonderful experience, as we have taken the many beloved aspects of the industry and translated them into imagery,” says Dawn Sweeney, president and CEO of the National Restaurant Association. “We also incorporated our organization’s history into the new brand, bringing in elements from our logo from the 1920s, as well as elements from our well-established ProStart and ServSafe brands.” 

The NRA sought input from industry professionals, state restaurant associations, and policy makers to create a logo concept that resonates with a wide audience and that illustrates the restaurant and foodservice industry in multiple ways. 

“People see different things in our new brand visual, from pizzas and burritos to the rim of a glass and a plate, from pancakes to a cloche at a fine dining restaurant. We see possibilities–not just for today, but for the next several decades,” Sweeney says. 

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