The National Restaurant Association (NRA) is announcing an official partnership with digital media company Mopro, an organization with extensive expertise in helping restaurants build their businesses online.

“We all know the impact the Internet has had on the restaurant industry, with consumers increasingly making their dining decisions online,” says Scott DeFife, executive vice president of policy and government affairs for the NRA.

“As the digital age continues to change the way our industry does business, we are excited to be able to offer our members a chance to build an impactful online presence that will help them grow their business and profits,” he adds. “This is one more way to help restaurateurs stay relevant in an ever-changing, tech-savvy world where consumers are pressed for time and use computers and mobile applications to buy everything from their clothes to their dinner.”

The partnership gives NRA members exclusive access to the full Mopro package—including 11 digital products and services in one bundle—at a $1,200 discount.

NRA members can sign up for the full package for $199, rather than the regular $1,399 setup fee, with a $199 monthly subscription subsequently. An estimate for all the offerings in the package would typically cost between $10,000 and $15,000 and require multiple providers.

Mopro, which has offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C., works with restaurateurs in all segments—from quick service to fine dining—to transform their digital presence with HTML5 websites, custom high-definition documentary videos and photography, mobile-compatible websites, social media synchronization, a built-in online ordering system, and one dashboard tool to manage it all.

“Now more than ever, restaurant owners need to control the conversation that’s already happening about their establishments online,” says Cary Levine, Mopro’s founder and CEO. “We empower restaurateurs by letting them tell their own stories, beautifully and affordably, with a comprehensive digital package that has everything they need to thrive online today.

“In addition to the flashier products like cutting-edge websites and custom HD video and photography, our package also includes a more affordable way of offering online ordering so that our clients don’t have to surrender a large percentage of their online revenue to a third-party order and delivery service,” he adds.

Levine says he and the Mopro team have spent the past five years working with more than 1,500 restaurants in more than 60 cities to learn about all of the industry’s individual segments and what drives their success.

“We learned that virtually every restaurant owner, no matter what type, really shares the same problems,” Levine says. “They don’t know where to start or whom to trust for tech. They have little control over quality. It feels like technology becomes obsolete almost immediately, and to do these things right can get really expensive. We created Mopro to directly tackle all of these problems, and our product is designed to evolve along with technology.”

In addition to the digital package, Mopro also has a full-service interactive agency built into its business that has worked with such clients as General Mills, Kraft, Chobani, Hyatt, Lowe’s, Universal, QVC, Nike, Coca-Cola, and Heineken.

“We’ve told the stories of some very large brands,” Levine says, “and now we want to help small businesses who can’t afford to pay agency prices, but who deserve to have those capabilities. We want to demystify technology for restaurateurs. As we tell our clients, their stories deserve to be told.”

Mopro technicians will be available at the NRA Show to offer comprehensive assessments of restaurateurs’ current digital presences at no charge. The assessments will be conducted at the company’s booth on the Show floor.

“We’re doing this to help kick off our official digital partnership with the NRA,” Levine says. “You need to sign up ahead of time, but the assessment is a $500 value, which we’re offering for free. Attendees can talk to one of our experts to learn how to get the most from their online efforts.”

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