Starmount Systems announced that it will unveil its digital software suite at KioskCom 2010 in a proof-of-concept demonstration for restaurant chains that are facing new requirements to disclose nutrition information to the consumer. The provision in the U.S. health bill passed last week will require all restaurants with 20 or more locations to publish information such as calorie content and sodium levels for all of their menu items.

“With menus changing on a regular basis, restaurants using static or printed menus face costly updates to fulfill this requirement. Many will be looking at new technology solutions such as digital menu boards and interactive kiosks to address this need,” says Joe Halloum, president and CEO of Starmount. “With Starmount Marquis, we are proud to offer an easy-to-use, cross-platform software solution that can be implemented today to address the new provisions that are coming two to three years from now.”

Digital menuboards and self-serve kiosks are becoming widely popular in a variety of industries including the restaurant and retail space. Marquis provides an easy interface to assemble, monitor, and manage media assets for digital signage and interactive kiosks. It can be tightly integrated with mobile and point-of-sale applications to deliver a complete multi-channel commerce solution.

The Food and Drug Administration will be defining the specific requirements for the restaurants that will be impacted by the new health care bill. Starmount’s demonstration at KioskCom 2010 will include a digital menuboard and interactive kiosk that allows customers to self-select their menu items and view the nutritional information for each.

“Consumers will have more information available to them to take the guessing game out of ordering,” says Halloum. “We want to help take the guessing game out of digital menuboards and self-serve kiosk implementations that empower both restaurant management and the customer.”

Attendees at KioskCom Self-Service Expo and The Digital Signage Show, April 14-15, in Las Vegas, can stop by Starmount’s booth #200 to receive evaluation copies of Marquis and to see the restaurant proof-of-concept demonstration.

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