New York City–based frozen yogurt operator 16 Handles will launch new day-parts concept focused on breakfast, lunch, and snacks starting Wednesday, February 25. Launches in other NYC stores will continue through spring.

The goal of the concept is to provide better food and beverage options to its guests throughout the day, with a focus on self-serve healthy breakfast and snacks. The new program will broaden the 16 Handles menu from self-serve frozen yogurt/toppings to also include fresh yogurt, acai bowls, and oatmeal as well as new toppings, coffee and tea, snacks, and a robust bottled beverage program. As always, the focus is on quality ingredients and products, which is why 16 Handles is featuring products from like-minded companies.

“16 Handles is very excited to be launching this program,” says CE-Yo Solomon Choi. “We’ve always prided ourselves on providing the best quality and options when it comes to frozen yogurt and toppings for our customers, and I’m thrilled to now extend the same high quality and level of customization to the rest of the day.”

16 Handles revolutionized frozen yogurt in NYC by bringing the first self-serve shop to the East Village in 2008. Now, they plan to do the same with breakfast and snacking by bringing the first self-serve fresh yogurt, acai bowl, and hot oatmeal program to New York City.  

“We're going to use our self-serve model to redefine how we eat,” says Eric Rhee, vice president of business development. “Our mission is to find the best products and ingredients for our guests.”

16 Handles will also be holding a private tasting event on Wednesday, February 25as part of the grand opening. This will be an exclusive event for key partners, tastemakers, and fans to change the way they eat.

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