NuRide, Inc., an incentive-based online ridesharing
community, announced yesterday Panera Bread has partnered with the company to
provide a valuable offer from its “pick two” menu for commuters in the New
York metro area who share rides using NuRide.

“We work hard to show our appreciation to our customers not only within
our bakery-cafes but also throughout the communities we serve. Sponsoring
commuters who are pairing up is a meaningful way for us to support and
improve the neighborhoods we serve,” says Lowell Farkas, owner of the
participating Panera Bread franchises. “We are proud to provide this
special offer to forward-thinking commuters who are making a real
environmental difference by sharing rides on the NuRide Network,” he

Panera Bread joins a growing list of companies who sponsor commuters as
part of the Tri-State 5,000,000 Mile Rideshare Challenge. This ongoing
event involves thousands of commuters who will share rides resulting in
5 million fewer miles driven and 2,100 fewer tons of greenhouse gas
emissions. To participate, commuters use NuRide’s online
ridesharing service to find others going their way and earn points that are
redeemed for rewards provided by corporate sponsors.

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