NYPD Pizza, a locally owned and operated family pizza kitchen with locations throughout metro-Phoenix, Arizona, has crafted a proprietary beer called Uptown Amber Ale, in partnership with The Phoenix Ale Brewery.

NYPD Pizza is the only pizza restaurant in the Greater Phoenix Area that offers a private-label beer. The new brew is now exclusively available at all 11 store locations.

“We are excited to partner with a leading micro-brewery distinguished by crafting some of the highest-quality and flavorful beer in the market,” says Rich Stark, CEO of NYPD Pizza. “We developed a recipe with The Phoenix Ale Brewery for our Uptown Amber Ale that appeals to all tastes and complements our menu.”

The first month’s production of NYPD Pizza’s Uptown Amber Ale for the 11 restaurants is 20 barrels (i.e. 620 gallons). Projected volume is expected to double in the coming months, says Gregory Fretz, cofounder/co-owner and sales director of The Phoenix Ale Brewery.

“Beer and pizza go hand-in-hand, and it was such a great experience crafting a blend with NYPD Pizza because of their sincere focus to pair an ale perfectly with their pies,” Fretz says.

Uptown Amber Ale’s recipe was developed from focus-group evaluations. In three separate sessions, approximately 15 people sampled and assessed the beer’s compatibility with NYPD Pizza’s menu.

NYPD Pizza’s Uptown Amber Ale is a crisp, full-bodied malty beer that finishes smooth.

Why the name Uptown Amber Ale? “‘Uptown’ is rooted in our New York identity, and the amber ale variety was determined to best complement our pies, particularly our most popular pies, the Brooklyn and the traditional pepperoni,” Stark says.

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