People all over the world are carrying reusable water bottles. The “BYOB” movement continues to grow; projections are that it will be a $10 billion/year industry by 2024. All those bottles need to be refilled—conveniently—making OASIS International bottle fillers a popular choice in any public space.

Of course, wherever people gather and touch surfaces, germs can follow, which is why the filling alcoves in all OASIS bottle fillers are made with proprietary FRESHIELD technology. FRESHIELD harnesses the natural bacteria-fighting power of silver by infusing it into a poly compound on the molded parts of the alcoves.

The antimicrobial properties of silver have been known for thousands of years. When FRESHIELD is used along with antimicrobial copper, which OASIS offers on metal touchpoints, you get microbe-resistant products unmatched in the industry. That’s how OASIS is helping to create a safer hydration experience worldwide.

In addition to promoting public health, FRESHIELD also helps OASIS bottle fillers last longer. This special antimicrobial compound wards off the degradation that can occur on surfaces in wet environments. FRESHIELD protects against mold, discoloration, and even odors, all while battling illness-causing viruses and bacteria.

OASIS offers a full line of bottle fillers to cater to the BYOB market, which values the convenience of hydration on-the-go. Then FRESHIELD provides protection against germs so the public can fill up with confidence, and business owners can reduce lost time caused by illness.