Oath Pizza is disrupting the industry with a new brand refresh. The brand is moving away from bold, abstract, and masculine overtones and introducing a fun, fresh new look to compliment its delicious, better-for-you food.

“There is too much of the same in the pizza industry,” says Oath Pizza’s Chief Marketing Officer Stacie Colburn Hayes. “We knew that a cookie-cutter system with lower-quality ingredients was too widespread, and for us to succeed, we would have to be different.”

Inspired by its flagship location on Nantucket Island, the refresh features inviting colors, breezy interiors, and a feel-good environment everyone will love.

“That’s been our vision for Oath’s new look and feel,” Hayes adds. “We want to show the world who we are and what we believe so we can attract the right customers and also set ourselves apart in the market.”

Oath Pizza will debut its new design in West Hartford, Connecticut, during the first half of 2022. Its company-owned and franchised locations will follow suit with the new design as well.

“It’s exciting when a design change will better your business too,” says Oath’s Director of Development Tianna Alfieri. “We’ll be updating our interior design quickly and thoughtfully at all of our existing locations, so we can continue to hark on the scalability of our new look and layout.”

The streamlined, flexible footprint at the new Oath Pizza locations will complement a seamless purchasing and pick-up experience and an ongoing commitment to help cater to the needs of a growing customer base. The brand’s operation model supports lower labor and higher throughput with faster cook times, reduced overhead costs, and a better customer experience.

Oath has succeeded in modernizing its approach while maintaining its identity and steering clear of industry trends and fads, a difficult balance for franchises to navigate.

“A good brand can help to grow your business,” shares Oath’s Brand and Production Manager Merissa Zaltzberg. “We’ve been able to secure our market positioning with an updated brand strategy and a team that understands the importance of design in a customer-first approach.”

Covid-19 has forced many businesses to deprioritize branding efforts, but Oath Pizza felt it necessary to focus on and fine-tune its visual identity in order to ensure long-term growth and success. The consistent demand for better-for-you pizza options has enabled the team to look beyond the latest wave of trends that would only temporarily set brands apart.

Oath Pizza has grown into nationwide acclaim with a vision driven by the brand’s leadership, former Chipotle Mexican Grill executives, and its experienced and committed corporate team.

“We’ve found a great balance of adapting with the times, updating our formulas, but still staying true to what has made us successful to this point,” Zaltzberg says. “This is a critical selling point that we like to show our prospective franchisees, and it shows that people are truly buying into a brand that has principle.”

With the brand’s award-winning avocado oil crust and thoughtfully sourced toppings like fresh veggies and organic proteins, Oath Pizza has set itself apart in the space while offering a genuinely feel-good experience, from the restaurant atmosphere to the menu itself. Oath Pizza has stayed true to its roots without compromising. A bold and deliberate move to reflect the brand’s Nantucket values in each restaurant ensures Oath Pizza will continue to stand out from others in the industry for years to come.

The cost to open an Oath Pizza franchise ranges from $350,000–$505,200, including a $30,000 franchise fee.

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