Oatly Group AB announced a new foodservice distribution arrangement in the US with Insomnia Cookies, the beloved brand known for serving warm cookies all day and late into the night. Available at all 250+ locations throughout the US, Oatly 11oz Original and Chocolate Oatmilks are now offered as a great-tasting beverage option alongside Insomnia Cookies’ range of signature warm, delectable cookies, desserts, and ice creams.

“Among the most quintessential of food combinations has to be milk and cookies,” says Mike Messersmith, President, Oatly North America. “Insomnia Cookies has built an amazing brand and reputation for providing fantastic cookies and more, whenever people are craving them, and we know that our Oatly oatmilks will be a perfect complement to any order. We’re delighted to continue building our foodservice footprint in the US with such a sweet partner.”

Oatly makes non-dairy milk alternatives that have the same creamy taste, frothy feel, and functionality as cow’s milk and also generally have a lower climate impact than cow’s milk.

“Oatly is the original oatmilk and has paved the way for the plant-based milk revolution,” says Tom Carusona, Chief Marketing Officer, at Insomnia Cookies. “We’re excited to bring this new offering to our customers, who we know are increasingly looking for great non-dairy options that are better for the planet. Paired with our signature, warm delicious cookies, it’s a no-brainer.”

Oatly Original and Chocolate oatmilks are available in 11oz single serve sizes at all Insomnia Cookies stores, as well as through online ordering platforms (which vary per region). Visit InsomniaCookies.com to find a location near you.

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