The simplest, most traditional foods like burgers and milkshakes are getting a whole new boost of flavor on one menu.

Johnny Rockets, a well-known burger joint that boasts great tasting food from a menu of classic American favorites now offer consumers The Houston hamburger and the Oreo Peppermint Shake. The Houston was originally a limited-time-only menu item, but strong customer feedback about the burger swayed the chain to add it to the menu permanently.

“When Johnny Rockets’ customers speak, we listen,” Lee Sanders, CEO of Johnny Rockets, said in a statement “With the input of East Coast Franchisee, Jason Sugarman, and West Coast Franchisee, Mary Khalighian, we have developed a fusion of fun ingredients to create the flavor profile for The Houston.

The single-patty hamburger is topped with mayonnaise, Hot Rocket Fuel sauce, pepper-jack cheese, wedge lettuce, tomatoes, and jalapeño peppers. It joins other Johnny Rockets burgers like the St. Louis, the Route 66, the Pattymelt, and the Streamliner. In his statement about the new burger, Sanders went on to say, “We look forward to giving all customers a chance to ‘tame the flame’ and enjoy this spicy twist on the Rocket Single in 2010.”

Patrons will have the chance to cool off with another new menu item: Johnny Rockets’ latest handspun milkshake, the Oreo Peppermint Shake. The frozen treat contains real Oreo cookie pieces, DaVinci Peppermint Paddy Syrup, and premium vanilla ice cream.

Johnny Rockets paired up with Kraft Foodservice to create their newest shake.

“This treat is a twist on our traditional Oreo Cookies & Cream shake that we know our guests are sure to enjoy,” Sanders said. “Whenever we partner with Kraft, it’s a homerun for our customers and our business.” Johnny Rockets first partnered with Kraft Foodservice to create the Johnny Rockets’ Cherry KOOL-AID Shake in September 2009.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to join forces with Johnny Rockets once again to offer customers a new, festive shake for the holiday season,” Nate Hedtke of Kraft Foodservice said in a statement. “The partnering of two classic American brands is a recipe that we hope we will continue to use.”

The Oreo Peppermint Shake joins a list of 19 other milkshake flavor options available at Johnny Rockets and is the shake of the month for January.

By Jill Watral

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