Olo, a leading food ordering platform for the restaurant industry announced that Serve, its completely refreshed ordering experience, is available for all customers leveraging the Olo platform to serve diners.

The public launch of Serve caps off a multi-year R&D initiative and phased deployment of the new framework, designed to modernize the fully branded Olo white-label experience.

Brands that have already completed migration to the Serve interface are seeing higher order subtotals and conversion rates. Serve is a fully responsive web experience designed to optimize the UX for guests on any device, replacing multiple iterations of Olo’s legacy UX.

“We built Serve with the knowledge of studying how millions of people place their food orders every week,” says Theresa Schaefer, SVP of Product & Design at Olo. “The prevailing consumer insight we’ve always come back to is that speed and menu navigation top the list for a successful transaction.”

“As a long-time Olo customer, we’re thrilled to see all the ongoing investment in the platform,” says Nick Scarpino, SVP of Marketing & Off-Premise at Portillo’s Hot Dogs. “With Serve, we are able to take advantage of continuous platform updates without the need to manage ongoing development.”

Customers utilizing Serve are able to upgrade their branded digital storefront with:

Faster ordering and checkout: Consolidated order flows have reduced the time to complete an order by 5 seconds on average.

Redesigned menu with higher ticket potential: Brands with the new menu design have seen conversion rates increase by 6% on average.

New ways to customize products: We’ve reduced UI complexity for some of the most elaborate menu interactions, offering new ways to present modifiers (e.g. sliders, steppers, dropdowns, etc.), resulting in a reduction of three fewer customer interactions per order on average.

“In building Serve, we focused on two key challenges: driving order profitability for our customers while getting food faster to their guests,” says Janna Sheng, Associate Director of Product Management at Olo. “Building an entirely new front-end experience that is able to scale on top of a complex ordering platform is not easy. With this new experience, we are now looking forward to being able to iterate and release long-awaited-for enhancements more quickly than we ever could before. We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve released with Serve.”

Serve is built to interact with other areas of the Olo platform and includes various handoff methods (Dispatch delivery, Point of Sale (POS) integration, and more).

“At Nekter Juice Bar, it is crucial for us to give the best possible digital experience, regardless of device, so we are very excited about Olo’s launch of their new responsive online ordering experience,” says Jon Asher, VP of Digital Marketing at Nekter Juice Bar. “This update will make it even faster and easier for our guests to get their favorite freshly-made juice, smoothie or acai bowl, wherever they are and whatever device they are using.”

“We are thrilled with the enhancements made to the new web online ordering platform,” adds Sylvia Becker, Senior Director of Media Services at FIC Restaurants, Inc. “It has an updated visual layout and optimal user flow for an improved guest experience.”

“More than ever, users are ordering online and on the move. Without the Team Members there to assist, we rely on our online ordering platform to be consistent and convenient for our Guests. Serve brings a user-friendly ordering experience that looks and feels familiar as the site adapts whether you’re on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device,” says Dylan Briotti, Director, Brand Strategy & Creative at Jake’s Franchising LLC.

Serve is a platform enhancement available today for all Olo customers at no added cost.

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