Job offers in the HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant, and Cafe) sector are increasing, but the research for pizzaiolo is getting more and more difficult. OperaPrima, the innovative automatic pizza stretcher developed and produced in Italy by Ecor International, is the answer to all the job search ads that have fallen on deaf ears and the definitive solution to this situation.

Easy to use, speed of execution, versatility, quality, and convenience improve the efficiency of the pizzeria.

Offers vs job applications

Online job offers have grown in the second half of 2021 in Italy: in fact, Istat (Italian institute of statistics) found an increase of 121 thousand employed in the third quarter of 2021 together with a decrease in the unemployed and inactive. In this positive picture, is one of the sectors where placement opportunities are greatest.

By the way, pizzerias struggle to find pizzaioli and the gap between labour supply and demand is significant.

But if a new hiring season started in the second half of last year, showing further growth in job opportunities compared to the first half of the year, why is the gap between supply and demand in the restaurant industry still so great?

Is it an economic issue? To see the job ads, you wouldn’t think so: according to the remuneration tables of FIPE, the gross monthly salary of a pizzaiolo can go well over 2,000 euros, while the gross annual average is 20,700 euros, but the most experienced and qualified pizzaioli can even reach 36,000 euros a year.

This mismatch between offers and job applications puts in difficulty entrepreneurs in the food sector, especially restaurants and pizzerias, unable to find experienced and competent staff, who sometimes demonstrate a lack of willingness to learn or to work during the weekends.

So, how can a pizzeria owner solve the problem of finding a pizza chef?

The solution for pizzerias

OperaPrima may be the solution to the many job offers fallen on deaf ears. The innovative automatic pizza shaper has been developed to meet the needs of pizzeria owners and pizzeria chains who are struggling to find people willing to undertake the profession of pizza chef: thanks to its patented technology, it is designed to roll out the dough without the help of qualified figures.

In fact, the professional pizza shaper is easy to use, fast in execution and adaptable to the needs of every pizzeria and to different types of dough.

Simple, fast, efficient

OperaPrima is the innovative automatic and professional Pizza Shaper designed and manufactured in Italy which allows anyone to obtain the good Italian pizza in a simple and fast way.

Its patented technology opens the dough through a cold processing system, preserving the glutinous mesh and. Through a clear and intuitive display you can customize the characteristics of the pizza.

All you have to do is set the diameter of the opening and the size of the edge, place the loaf in the center of the plate and close the compartment. In about 15 seconds you get a handcrafted, quality result, just like that of a qualified pizza maker.

Versatile, adaptable, practical

OperaPrima is a versatile pizza stretcher because it is designed to make different types of pizzas depending on the flour used and the kneading technique.

Its modern design integrates perfectly into the spaces of the restaurant: it can be placed on the counter or on a stainless-steel support, it has compact dimensions and is easily transportable.

OperaPrima boasts simple maintenance: thanks to the choice of materials, it can be easily washed.

Convenient and technological

OperaPrima makes up for the lack of professional labor in pizzerias during the dough rolling phase, thanks to its speed of execution, its ease of use that does not require qualified knowledge and its practicality.

Its cold processing technology allows to roll out up to 200 pizzas every hour, while staff can focus on other tasks, such as topping pizzas, checking the oven, answering the phone or arranging ingredients.

Moreover, thanks to 4.0 technology, with OperaPrima it is possible to monitor in real time the working conditions (e.g. the consumption of raw material) and to improve the pizzeria’s efficiency.

Make sure your country’s government has a plan to boost the purchase of machinery with 4.0 technology,

The automatic pizza stretcher lowers the fixed costs of the pizzeria by meeting its most complicated needs, makes it more efficient, increases its hourly productivity and requires minimal maintenance.


The technical staff of Ecor International is available to provide all the necessary information before and after the purchase, to present the operation and patented technology of the automatic Pizza Shaper.

It is possible to book an appointment in the company for consultations, training courses on raw materials, processing methods and deepening the knowledge of OperaPrima, to obtain a good dough and make the typical Italian pizza.

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