The entrepreneurial minds at Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt came together to launch a mini donut and craft coffee concept, Humble Donut Co. Humble started out as a co-branding opportunity with existing Orange Leaf locations, providing franchisees a unique revenue channel to improve unit level economics. Now, Humble is franchising traditional and non-traditional models, including the option to co-brand with an existing business. The Orange Leaf team has taken their 10 years of franchising experience, national partnerships and industry leading platforms to establish Humble on a strong foundation for future growth.

With a mini donut so delicious it’s trademarked, Humble is an exciting opportunity to become a part of a donut concept that is taking off in the breakfast, snack, and dessert day parts. Humble is a category-redefining donut shop offering guests warm made-to-order donuts with a variety of too-good-to-be-true glazes and craveable toppings. These toppings range from indulgent to fresh. Cookies, candy bars, fresh fruit and more make the ordering options endless.

“I was a franchisee with Burger King and Applebee’s for 20 years and have been with Orange Leaf for 8 years. The mini donut is the next big thing, so I jumped on it. I opened my first Humble location in December 2018, and it has exceeded my expectations. We are currently working out details for my second and third location,” says Gabriel Borunda, Humble Franchisee in El Paso, Texas.

Requiring “mini” square footage allows for non-traditional build-outs with low overhead, such as kiosks and food trucks, making this idea small yet efficient. With this mini footprint, Humble can adapt its concept to fit almost any desired location. The store design is minimal with black, grey, and white accents throughout so that the vibrant mini donuts are the hero. Each shop is designed to be a modern and comfortable place for guests of all ages to come and enjoy our crazy creations.

“At Humble, we truly believe the quality of the donuts we serve is just as important as the quality of service each guest receives, which is why each of our donuts are hand-crafted right in front of our guests’ eyes.  This concept draws in traffic early in the day and makes a delicious evening treat. At Humble, we aim to make life sweeter by creating a memorable treat experience that is all about you.”

Kendall Ware, president and COO says. “What really sets us apart from our competitors is our maximization of efficiencies and capability to scale quickly with existing resources. Having a solid foundation to build on is crucial to continue growing Humble through 2019 and beyond.”

Humble also brings in key partnerships with third-party delivery services maximizing sales in catering and delivery. Humble Donut Co. attracts all generations of guests with its warm and fresh miniature sweets. With three open locations and 12 signed agreements, the future Humble expansion is anything but mini.

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