This summer, Orange Leaf is introducing a healthier option for their Guests to dig into, Acai Bowls.

Orange Leaf has taken this superfood and created their very own Acai Bowl recipe to offer Guests a quick on-the-go snack or meal replacement any time of day. The bowls will be blended with organically grown acai, banana, and almond milk to provide a smooth, creamy and fruity base. All bowls can be topped with a variety of fresh fruit, granola, coconut, or whatever your taste buds desire. 

“We’ve been testing Acai Bowls since 2017, when a franchisee brought this product suggestion to the team. They saw great success quickly, so we expanded the test to see its full potential and the bowls have been a hit. It provides a new product offering to our Franchise Community that allows us to grow a new daypart and attract a different demographic,” says Kendall Ware, president & COO. “We’re excited to launch Acai Bowls across the brand this summer to be a part of this growing trend.”

Orange Leaf will be offering three Signature Bowls; Very Berry, Tropical Coconut, and Nutty Chocolate, as well as a completely customizable option that allows the Guest to choose up to three toppings. There is also a nut-free recipe to allow Guests with any dietary restrictions to still enjoy this sweet new snack. Acai Bowls will available at participating Orange Leaf’s June 3-July 28.


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