Ordermark announced that it will partner with Omnivore to provide point of sale systems integration, to bring its revenue-generating delivery aggregation service directly to restaurants’ POS systems nationwide, without sacrificing reliability.

The partnership allows Ordermark to integrate all of its connected delivery services to Omnivore’s connected point of sale (POS) systems including Oracle Micros and a variety of leading cloud POS providers. This addresses over 85 percent of venues in North America to bring every delivery service to restaurants in any zip code, to cost-effectively add revenue and marketing reach to their online presence.

“Restaurants trust Ordermark to provide the most reliable third-party online ordering service aggregation available via its independent tablet and printer solution. However, restaurants have asked Ordermark to offer integration with the POS,” says Alex Canter, CEO and co-founder at Ordermark. “We’ve worked with Omnivore for over a year to be sure that we could integrate their Point of Sale systems to our platform and tablet, while ensuring the highest levels of data quality, system reliability and customer service that restaurants have come to expect from Ordermark.”

“The combination of our Omnivore Universal API and newly released digital Menu Management System (MMS) provides restaurants the necessary low cost technology to strip out friction from third-party delivery,” adds Mike Wior, CEO and founder at Omnivore. “We’ve worked with Ordermark, multiple delivery providers and over 20 restaurant chains to surface pinch points and jointly develop a solution that empowers transformational technologies such as Ordermark and third-party delivery providers to optimize operations while keeping cost low. Omnivore’s MMS will not only provide the necessary integration for order injection into the POS system, but also provide Ordermark a single source of truth for a restaurant’s digital menu. Keeping the restaurant brand in full control of their ecommerce operation.  We’re thrilled to have Ordermark as a partner in the Omnivore Marketplace.”

The partnership will let restaurants with Oracle Micros, POSitouch, Brink, Dinerware, XPIENT, and Maitre’D POS systems bring Ordermark online to aggregate orders from nearly all delivery services in any zip code nationwide, cost-effectively and reliably.

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