OrderSolutions, a restaurant call center in the United States, is partnering with ConverseNow, a market leader in AI for restaurants. This groundbreaking partnership is the perfect solution for restaurants that have been struggling to adapt to the shift in consumer behavior in the post-COVID world – consumer behavior has shifted toward off-premise and takeout orders. OrderSolutions and ConverseNow will be providing an AI / Live Agent ordering solution to resolve staffing challenges, alleviate the rise in food and labor costs, and capture every phone order that would have otherwise been missed. Both OrderSolutions and ConverseNow are solving widespread problems for some of the largest restaurant chains in the United States.

From 2020 to date, Restaurants have been missing 30% – 50% of their phone calls due to staffing challenges and employee retention issues. Both OrderSolutions and ConverseNow respectively have been solving these staffing challenges / retention issues by centralizing phone orders for the world’s largest restaurant brands. However, this new partnership will allow guests to choose if they want to speak to a human, Voice AI, or combination of both. This joint service helps restaurants save up to 60% on labor costs because they no longer have to spend as much money on recruiting, training, and retaining employees. Restaurants simply don’t need as many people when using this service, as it gives them massive leverage to achieve more with less. Utilizing AI and call center tech allows restaurant brands to mitigate phone distractions, optimize in-store work schedules, increase revenue via higher throughput and frequent upsells, reduced abandoned calls, and an overall decrease in labor costs. Many restaurants have seen a double digit reduction in attrition because of the simplification and streamlining of their positions.

The combination of voice AI and live agents is disrupting the entire restaurant industry and has streamlined drive thru operations, catering orders, call in orders, and will eventually optimize in-store order payments. The symbiotic relationship between voice AI and call centers creates a positive outcome for guests, staff, and restaurant owners alike. This relationship gives customers the power of choice: Not everyone wants to interact with AI (even if it’s best-in-class), so a live agent is available to serve those looking to speak with a human being while continuing to relieve understaffed restaurants from the burden of tending to phone calls and drive-thru orders. OrderSolutions and ConverseNow are able to take virtually 100% of all voice orders, allowing restaurants staff to place greater focus on fulfillment and in-person customer service.

Nick Tubis, CEO & Founder of OrderSolutions, says, “We are extremely excited to partner with ConverseNow. We spent a lot of time looking at the best-in-class technology and have determined that ConverseNow’s technology is above all. We believe that by combining our respective expertise, we can make a significant impact on the restaurant industry and grow up to 600% in the next few years. Our big focus right now is driving average check, increasing revenue, capturing all orders, and eliminating missed calls. Our service is a game changer for staffing issues and the benefits are especially prevalent on holidays. The partnership with ConverseNow compliments our benefits and amplifies them greatly.”

Vinay Shukla, CEO and Co-Founder of ConverseNow, adds, “Our technology is generations ahead of the frustrating automated systems we’ve all dealt with, but that doesn’t mean everyone will instantly adopt voice AI. At our core, we’re a customer-centric company and pride ourselves in giving users the power to speak with a real person if desired. OrderSolutions will be an instrumental partner to enhance that human touch, especially at this stage in our growth.”

“We’re both in the business of supporting restaurants, and are glad to be working together to not only help these brands stay open during the labor shortage, but shape the future of restaurants altogether.”

Rahul Aggarwal, COO, CPO and Co-Founder of ConverseNow, says, “Voice AI is in its infancy, rapidly gaining traction among major restaurant chains. Our platform is best-in-class, but continues to learn and evolve every day. OrderSolutions will be a valuable partner for us not just to enhance guest experience, but propel our technology to perfect itself even faster as voice AI becomes more mainstream.”

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